Escape From Mystery Subway Game

Escape From Mystery Subway

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Just beneath the old castle ruins, there is a bypass and it is used if ever the king needs an escape from the place due to various reasons including a successful invasion of the enemy. Well, it was used once and everything fell, but that was hundreds of years ago and the castle stands abandoned. But in that bypass however, trouble had been looming there and it changed the passage into a strange world of supernatural entities! People have assumed that the place was cursed by the witch sometime after the king escaped and upon their wake, the place turned into a horror one so that the enemy would not follow them, well it worked and even then the passage was still as it was after the witch placed a curse on it. But that did not stop one adventurer though from discovering the place!

Orv decided to check the underground passage out but as quickly as he had come in, he immediately got trapped in there and strange things started to chase him which makes the situation a lot worst. Escape players, Orv needs some help here in escaping from the place which was suppose to be off-limits. Will your skills and logic be enough on this escape from the underground creepy place?

Escape From Mystery Subway is another new point and click underground escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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