Escape From Mystery House Game

Escape From Mystery House

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The village was once very prosperous and the big houses there can tell it so, but after the war though it never recovered and the entire place was left abandoned and ravaged. That day, Joshua returned to the place for he wanted to venture into the old houses there and see what he can still find that he can return to the families that have lived there once, maybe at least to their relatives. Joshua's adventure now begins and he plans to check house to house and carefully too for the structures there aren't really stable anymore.

Joshua started with one house and what things he can find there that he can still return to the original owners, but then somehow when he got out from that place he entered, he found himself in the middle of the village and it's very weird for he knows he had entered a house in the edge of town and now he is not in that place anymore! Something strange is going-on in here and it's enough to terrify Joshua, so he decide that he'll leave the place for now. Escape players, Joshua doesn't know the place too well yet, will you be able to help him navigate and safely too?

Escape From Mystery House is a brand new point and click creepy place escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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