Escape from Motel K

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There used to be a popular bar at the corner of that street. It was kind of small and shabby, but people loved it. The main reason of the affection, was the atmosphere and the bartender, Moe. Since, a lot of people visited the place frequently, he heard many rumors and information about our city. There was no secret he wouldn’t have known. No wonder why the maffia and corrupt politicians looked at him as a threat. There were numerous assaults on his bar, but he always managed to get away somehow. He possibly used intels to save his life. Slowly, Moe became a key in the city’s life. He had key information on everyone. People often suggested each others to look him up: “Just go to the bar. Moe tells keys.” It meant he can provide useful information to help you out. With the money he collected during the years, through selling information, he closed the bar and opened a motel. He named it the Motel K. Let’s look around!