Escape From Monolith Place Game

Escape From Monolith Place

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Escape From Monolith Place is the newest point and click ancient escape game from Top 10 New Games for another fun escape from an old place. Have fun!

The monolith place which the discoverers calls it is suppose to have a hidden loot of vast treasures but somehow, nobody could solve the puzzles inside it and get near to what the place is hiding. Among the alluring style of the designs of the ancient place, there are various statues there which can be very valuable but nobody is convinced though that those are the treasures already, so that day Shaun decided to take the word of the people who discovered it that there is more to the place than meets the eye, but little did Shaun know that there's going to be a problem there and for him, it's very serious.

Shaun was solving the puzzles of the place and was only using what he knows and what clues he can come across there, but along the way however, he made a wrong choice among the clues and the result was for him to get unfortunately trapped in the place! Shaun got really concerned after realizing that he can no longer find the way out, but he has a mission here and for now his priority is to escape safely. Escape players, try the ancient place escape adventure here with Shaun, good luck and may your skills and logic be enough for this one.

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