Escape From Modular House Game

Escape From Modular House

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Houses in the neighborhood have been built from mixed trailer containers and it's modular but built beautifully. One of the residents there was Nina and she loved her new house for not only it is already big enough for her, there are a lot of rooms in there even though the area the house occupies is just small. That day, Nina wanted to leave the place for she was scheduled a day with her friends, but it's proving to be an impossibility though, for when she tried the doors of her house, it wouldn't open and she can't get herself out!

Nina thought maybe the doors weren't at all sturdy for it had only been created on the original module which the house is made into? Probably, but Nina is seeing this all the same though, she is trapped and because she lives alone in her home, she needs to solve this thing on her own or she won't be able to leave. Escape players, want to help Nina here with a problem in her house? Make use of everything you can find then and manipulate such to the door.

Escape From Modular House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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