Escape From Missile Base Game

Escape From Missile Base

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The last thing you want right now is to talk to your mother. All you ever did is move from one place to another for the last eight years since your dad moved away. Now, it's just you, your younger brother and your mom. She's a highly in-demand concert photographer and while it's putting food in the table, you've hopped around seven different tables because you have to move around a lot. The last move had the entire family moving to a boring town. It took a week before you actually went exploring with your brother. The abandoned missile base is the only place you find interesting so you and your brother walked there. The place has many different rooms. The last one you entered closed on the both of you, trapping you inside.

Escape from Missile Base is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Investigate abandoned missile base. Unlock doors and gates to advance in the game and open the last door of the base to escape. Good luck!

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