Escape From Miraculous Place Game

Escape From Miraculous Place

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Escape From Miraculous Place is another new point and click ancient place escape game made by Top 10 New Games for another dose of fun escapes with us. Good luck!

The miraculous place as they call it is filled with ancient treasures which are priceless, only a few people enters there for the curses in that place are absolutely real! Anyone who enters it shall either have two fates, one is that he or she shall experience abundance and other good things hence the name it had been given which was miraculous, but the second fate though if the place decides it, he or she shall suffer either a heavy curse or just a minor one. A few people would take that risk, for it could mean their entire lives suffering from a curse, or a blessing. One day, Hans was feeling very lucky that he'll receive something good there, and even though the place doesn't have a trick, he entered alone.

Hans saw the greatness in the ancient place and he was astounded! But as he continues to venture in however, he felt very different until he realized that he is somehow locked inside the halls for some of the huge stone doors are moving, closing and opening! This is not good and this could mean that he had received the curse other than the good stuff. Well, he doesn't have to sit and cry about it though, he has to escape and maybe his luck will turn around there. Escape players, care to try the ancient place escape adventure with Hans and see if you can have fun while looking for a way out? Go ahead then and enjoy!


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