Escape from Mendenhall Ice Caves Game

Escape from Mendenhall Ice Caves

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The Mendenhall Glacier is located in Alaska. It's a popular destination for adventurers and expeditors. This means it's a frequently visited place by the rescue teams. Today, a team didn't appear at the station when they were supposed to. They must be in trouble. According to their friends, they went to check out the Mendenhall Ice Caves. We have to go after them and see if everything's alright or not. Maybe they just forgot about the time and just set up a camp somewhere. Let's go and find them. I check the perimeters while you go inside the cave. Let's meet at the other end of the cave.

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  1. Date: October 6, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us! [Reply]

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