Escape From Mars Planet

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Russel is on land only a few have ever been to before, that’s because he is on mars! And as ever, it is still desolate and dry. Russel was only tasked to be there for a few earth-hours though for his mission was to mark an area there among other minor things before the first personnel arrives on the red planet to begin a colony. Human-tech is now becoming alien-like, well in relation to what people have seen or experienced before in terms of extraterrestrial, which was still not proven yet. Russel have finished his mission after a few hours and Mars is now ready for the newcomers, his next task is to travel back to orbit around the planet and slingshot to Earth before the chance to do so is missed. But there was a problem though as he was about to leave, for he couldn’t enter his space vessel for the door was not opening on him!

Goodness, this is not happening. Said Russel to himself. For his suit here cannot supply him oxygen forever and he needs to get inside as soon as possible. He wonders what could have happened, is there an error on the door? Maybe it is damaged? Well nobody can answer that for him, and nobody is coming to save him too. That means he needs to get this done himself or his return mission could end-up a failure with devastating consequences. Escape players, will you help Russel here so he can get himself back on track?

Escape From Mars Planet is a new out of this world escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Mars Planet

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