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Escape From Magic World

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The magical world which everyone is talking about through the generations is not just a forest one can just go into, it is located under the ground where a complex crystal cave is at. Nobody goes down there for it houses strange creatures and even the items successfully pulled from there is magical, one such item is the sword of years which was lost to history, it was one heck of a sword and that is why one day Efren decided to proceed into the caves there for his own discovery even though the stories proclaim that there are mythical creatures living down there. Well he'll soon regret in coming for indeed he met some trouble in that place.

The cave was filled with sharp crystals and that's not all, for it indeed also houses some weird creatures which looks harmless, that's until a somewhat harmful one appeared! It was a demon-like creature and it is now on pursuit for him! Efren knew better than to stay then, he needs to leave right-now for he knows he won't survive an attack from that out of this world brute. Escape players, Efren is going to make it if you'll help him, will you be able to and give him a chance?

Escape From Magic World is another new point and click underground escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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