Escape From Luxury Theater Game

Escape From Luxury Theater

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The luxurious theater is built like a palace, well most especially for arts that is. Not everyone can enter there though for the tickets and entrance fees are quite expensive, well it pays to see and feel the ambiance there as well as receive the service they give. One day however, somebody made it inside the place's gates and guards but that someone doesn't even have a cent on his pocket! That person was a kid and his name is Adrian, he was able to get inside for he tried unconventional ways that he can think of, and that is through the vents. He really just wanted to enter but because he was poor, he had no choice at all. But right-now his situation is not at all cool however, for he is lost and some of the staff there are trying to get him now!

Adrian needs to escape from there even if he has to pass through the front-door which is quite a risk, but this is an adventure for him and he'd like to keep it fun and of course not getting caught is a part of that. Escape players, come and join Adrian here as he escapes out of the luxurious theater without getting caught.

Escape From Luxury Theater is the newest point and click complex escape game from WoW Escape.

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