Escape From Leopard Forest

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Cedric ventured around the forest and as he went, he started to think that he was getting himself in a part of the place which he doesn’t want to be, and then he was right. He was now in the boundary of leopard forest and hence its name, the area is a huge home for such big cats!

Cedric noticed that when he saw that there were leopards now watching him from the trees and some were even stalking him. This is not good, but Cedric is maintaining his calmness for he knows if he so much as panic then the leopards there will get him for they love a good chase. Escape players, Cedric needs to get out of this area of the forest now, will you help him then so he can go through safely without incident?

Escape From Leopard Forest is a brand new point-and-click dangerous wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Leopard Forest

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