Escape From Kidnappers Game

Escape From Kidnappers

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Money on your mind.  This is what you can think of everyday. You love to show off what you got specially on social media. You thought that that you will gain more attention with this and attract lots of girls. However, It is not girls that you attract. In fact, who you attract are kidnappers and you have their full attention. They want your money and nothing else. While you were walking in the mall and shopping an expensive brand, they had a chance to kidnap you. The next thing you know is that you are in an old warehouse. It is too dark and scary. They want your money but the truth is, you don't have some with you. You are just window shopping down the mall but now, you end up in this place. The only good news is the fact that the kidnappers are asleep.

With that, you have a chance to escape from this old warehouse. You can't waste too much time because the kidnappers might wake up. Now, you must think twice before posting on social media. But right you have to think of a way to escape. Play this newest room escape game by 8b Games and Escape From Kidnappers. Good luck!


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