Escape From Igloo House Game

Escape From Igloo House

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Begin your daring escape here from an extraordinary place in the middle of the cold. Escape From Igloo House is the newest point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape for another fun escape skills testing here with us.

Near the snowy cold valley, there is a stone hill which was robust and covered with snow. It's a perfect place to make a house there and right-then Ballard began construction, carving a roomy cave in there and just under two years, the place was cozy and luxurious enough for him to live in. He really did not know how monumental he did there, for he had mixed the stone hill's walls with snow blocks and that turned the place he is living in a semi igloo. It was warm inside and that's thanks to the snow and rock insulating the place. One day Ballard was thinking what he needed to do in the place now that the temperatures outside have plummeted once again, as he thought of something, he did not know that his house was doing something as well and in the end, he had a thing to do.

Suddenly, all of the doors in Ballard's house got jammed! Ballard thought that is quite impossible for his doors are built for the cold and it won't be jammed just like that. Well so much for asking for something to do that day. Escape players, join Ballard here as he escapes and find some answers in his not-so normal house.

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