Escape From Hospital Game

Escape From Hospital

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Escape From Hospital is a brand new point and click building escape game released by Mirchigames. Enjoy more escape adventures right-here with us daily!

Vincent woke-up and he thought he is somehow in a different place for his back was aching thanks to a hallway seat he was laying-on, that alone was absolutely startling for he knows he slept in his room and now he is in a place which looked like a hospital corridor! What was he doing here? Vincent was really confused when he stood-up still tired from the sleep, did somebody got him from his room to just bring him here and then abandoned? Or did he sleep-walk all the way to this place? Whatever this mysterious thing is, Vincent must find a way out so he can find answers then. Little did he know that's just the tip of his weird problem here.

Vincent was looking for the way out of the hospital and it's weird for nobody was in the place but just him, also the exits were locked and he really couldn't find another way to leave the building. Vincent got extra tired of it, but he must continue on this escape though or nothing will happen. Escape players, care to try the hospital escape adventure here with Vincent and see if you can find the way out? Go ahead then and good luck!


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