Escape From Horror Place Game

Escape From Horror Place

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Escape From Horror Place is another new point and click scary place escape game made by Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun and spooky escapes with us. Good luck!

The horror place is at it again, morphing to really look like the place it is on the eve of Halloween. People wanted to check it out but none had ever got further into it until, there was someone special who had the guts to be there and continued into it. That certain someone was Sarah and boy she had the bravery even though the ambiance was already getting pretty eerie. But the place tried its best to get to Sarah and for her, it had something that can really scare her finally.

The horror place seems to have a mind of its own and for Sarah, it decided to get her lost in there and even trapped! She had been going round and round in circles and the creeps are starting to close-in on her. Okay, now this is quite a situation, Sarah told herself. But she is not going to give-in to this place and will try her best for everything is testing her now. Escape players, join in on the horror place escape here with Sarah, good luck everyone if so and don't forget to have fun!

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