Escape From Halloween Forest (Top 10 New Games) Game

Escape From Halloween Forest (Top 10 New Games)

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The scary forest gets even scarier on Halloween, not because the place is being decorated to look scary, but it is actually very real and the spooks there gets active during such a night! Of course nobody goes there when that time comes, for they know what they'll see there if they do and there is a chance they will never escape from there then. But Ruben however decided to go in for it is said as Halloween's eve is picking-up, there will be a house appearing in the middle of that forest and inside it is said to be some treasure more than one can even imagine! But those are just stories though, well Ruben is a bit adventurous and the place was near his home, that's why he took the story to heart and enter the forest with the hopes he'll find the place.

Ruben is now in the forest and the spooks which he never thought existed are starting to come-out of the shadows! He just thinks that those could just be some guys in costumes, but when he saw the house in the distance which he never really thought he'd actually find, he is starting to hesitate. This was not in his expectation really and there might be a huge price for this? Ruben is deciding what he'll do now, will he proceed to the house? Or leave with his life and forget this adventure? Escape players, come and help Ruben decide here on this Halloween escape adventure.

Escape From Halloween Forest is another new point and click scary forest escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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