Escape From Halloween Castle Game

Escape From Halloween Castle

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Escape From Halloween Castle is a brand new point and click scary place escape game released by Top 10 New Game for more fun escapes with us daily. Have Fun!

Halloween continues to loom in the corners and the houses near the dark castle is still not habitable, for everything spooky that everyone can think of are roaming around there. This is the yearly ritual of the people living in the area, they must leave whenever that time comes for the place gets invaded by darkness. As a resident of the area, Brandon is also suffering with that curse, that's why he decided to enter during that time and figure-out where is this curse coming from, probably from the castle? What he is about to do is very dangerous and nobody recommends it, but he wants to find-out what's going-on though, so he is off!

Escape players, Brandon is about to enter the area of his home which got invaded by the strange fog and scary things, care to join with Brandon here still and see if you can all find-out what's going-on in the area every eve of Halloween? Good luck then and be very careful, for nobody knows really what will happen if one enters there, they only have speculations that nobody comes-back after going into the fog.

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