Escape From Guest House Game

Escape From Guest House

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Brandon had no other place to stay on his trek up the mountain and he can't make camp where he was in some unstable ground. He was about to, but when he saw the old house which was the first checkpoint, he finally had a sigh of relief for the house is built for hikers going up. Brandon made himself comfortable in the place, he was alone for a batch of hikers had already left and there was nobody coming-up behind him. The morning arrives and Brandon was ready to go, but there was a problem though and it's stopping him.

Brandon seems to be trapped in the house for the doors could not be opened anymore! Was he being played at? Possibly, for there is no other explanation for this except that. Brandon needs to get himself out of there now by finding some keys or anything that can get him out, will you help him out escape players? You can place yourself on the situation of Brandon here then and try to accomplish this challenge so Brandon can go on his way.

Escape From Guest House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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