Escape From Greeny House Game

Escape From Greeny House

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Clean and green is your motto. So, you always make sure that your house is clean. To make it green, you put up so many plants around your house. However, those plants are also the reason why you are finding it hard to clean the surroundings. Leaves keep on following on the ground. In line with that, those are also the reason why you can't find the way out of your house. Seems like you put up too much plants. You have to trim some of the leaves that keep on blocking your way. But first, you have to find a way to escape from the room. The good thing is that, there are so many objects around the house that you can use. You can pick those up and convert those into an escape tool. For you to do that, you need to use your logic.

Aside from that, you also need to gather clues so you can escape from the room quickly. Escape From Greeny House is a brand new room escape game by Avm Games. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to escape as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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