Escape From Great Detached House Game

Escape From Great Detached House

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Detached from the entire building, there is another old house but even though it's not really attached to the complex where houses are in a compound, it's still a part of it. Nobody lives in there really but there are stuff inside that place and for the day, it needs to be taken-out for some of the things there can still be used and through the years it might have been used as a stock room or something. One of the persons who was tasked to move the things there was Dominic and for the day he was only one man, but he was free to ask help whenever he needs extra manpower.

Dominic took-out some of the things he can carry alone and left the bigger ones for tomorrow, clearly he needs at least 2 more co-workers there if the boss wants to get the job done in under a week. When Dominic was about to leave for his day there have finally ended, he came across a problem and the situation there is not anymore good! Escape players, Dominic needs your help here in the house for he is now trapped due to the doors would not open! Will you be able to help him out by placing yourself on Dominic's situation?

Escape From Great Detached House is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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