Escape From Garden Villa Game

Escape From Garden Villa

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The garden villa is situated very near the city and it is was once just a vast forest-land, but now the place had paths and was kind of like a semi park, but it still maintain its lushness even though people venture there ever so often, as long as they don't throw trash everywhere. That day, Motley decided to go there for he wanted to be away from the city a bit and just breath fresh-air. The trees are really filtering the bad pollutants and he can feel the lightness of the surroundings. Motley decided to go even further into the forest for the air is much cleaner there, but one must be familiar with the place first however for it has a lot of spiraling paths going in and out, but he wasn't and just took the leap and as a result, he got lost there.

Escape players, Motley should not be even there at all for authorities have set limits for inexperienced adventurers, but it was already done so the only way to free himself from this problem was to remember and trace his steps back. Will you join Motley here and see if you can spot more clues than him? Go ahead and try then, may you escape out of the wilderness safely.

Escape From Garden Villa is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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