Escape From Forest Zone Game

Escape From Forest Zone

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The initial boundaries of the vast forest is a normal one, where animals and occasional hunters dwells, the vegetation there are also very lush. But that's only just the tip of the place for there is a zone there which is not allowed to enter, that's because in that zone the forest changes and it has some strange magical qualities! There is a warning not to make a mistake in going there for people have lost their lives because they thought the magical qualities was the kind straight out of a fairy tale, but it wasn't and the magic was kind of dark.

That day, Vera wanted to see what that forest really is and even though there are warnings, she ignored them for she really wanted her curiosity to be filled. Well it got filled alright, but it wasn't the good kind and there she realized the importance of the warnings. Vera got lost in the forbidden zone of the forest and from time to time, the craziness of the place just keeps chasing her to everywhere! Vera needs to get out of the forest right-now, escape players will you be able to help her out and see if your skills are tougher than the place?

Escape From Forest Zone is the newest point and click creepy wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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