Escape From Forest Raven

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You used to freak out when you see or just even hear ravens. There was a movie that portrayed ravens as animals depicting death. You tried to keep your eyes away from them since then. You didn’t want to see the birds and then witness someone’s death right there and then. But there was a time when you didn’t have any choice but to stay in their presence. Your friend asked you out for a picnic one afternoon. She rarely gets out of her home and when she did, she would just buy what she needed without any other social interaction. You liked that about her though. It was like talking to a very loyal person. You knew whatever you told her would just within the corners of her house. So to make up for help, you always  visit her or accompany her in her little trips.

She chose a park near the forest. You knew it was her favorite spot and whenever she looked at the distance, it seemed like she was talking to someone. It was quite creepy but at the same time cool. She invited you to have a little game with the ravens in the forest. You thought you’d be out in a minute. But you couldn’t even figure out the exit. Play Escape From Forest Raven outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.