Escape From Forest Land Game

Escape From Forest Land

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There is a cave somewhere in the forest and in that cave is said to be containing some real secrets of the forest. Gilligan never knows what those secrets are but looking back in the stories of old and people talking about the forest being a place of illusions, he only has two things in his mind and that could either be treasure or magical things. Gilligan is both good with finding either of those as long as he'll know what the secret is. He is just afraid that he'll find something else though like a man-eating fire-breathing dragon or something, but little did he know he'll find neither of those things as he ventures in the place.

Gilligan wasn't able to locate the cave for there seems to be something that is keeping him from doing so and the illusions of the place are getting even more powerful as he went. Eventually Gilligan got lost to the point that he needs help right now! Gilligan doesn't know where he is exactly and slowly his provisions are getting lower, he needs to get out of there but he fears the more he goes the more he gets lost. So this is the thing of the place why everyone is trying to avoid it, escape players will you help Gilligan leave from there so he can finally get to safety? Ready yourselves then for the forest will let anybody out now.

Escape From Forest Land is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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