Escape From Fantasy World Level 3 Game

Escape From Fantasy World Level 3

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No matter how many times you tried to get out of the Fantasy World, you still found yourself waking up in it. Throughout the day, it was a struggle for you to remain in the real world. Ever since your computer was struck by a lighting and you were sucked inside the computer, you had been jumping from the reality and fantasy. It was really fun being in the fantasy world. You got to explore all the areas you only saw on the screen before. Likewise, you got to experience what your characters were going through on a mission. However, it became scary when you realized you also had the same lifespan as them. This meant that you could easily lose life when you were not careful. Enemies lurk everywhere in the fantasy world. And you only liked it when you were in the bonus level.

During those times, you tried to slow down your pace so wouldn’t have to leave the level quickly. But you eventually reached the end of it and the adventure continued. One day, you found a way to escape the fantasy world. But there was something in there that always pulled you back. Play Escape From Fantasy World Level 3 room escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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