Escape From Fantasy Garden Game

Escape From Fantasy Garden

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The fantasy garden was once a horrific place and nobody would believe it! Well it is unbelievable for the place is now very beautiful and lush, that's because in the decades before the place become as such, dark things would reside in the area. But when their dark lord was finally defeated by the warrior of light, things have become the opposite and until then people have protected the place for even though evil was already defeated, mistreatment of the garden will result in the place turning into mush again. Up to this day, there is a slight strangeness in the place but that's it, that strangeness however is going to get someone in some trouble and that someone was Herod.

Herod was a frequent one going into the place picking herbs and spices which grows in the area in masses. He knows of the magical things occurring in the place and he just lets that be, but that won't let him be however, for he got lost because of that quality. Escape players, Herod was given an illusion by the forest and it indeed does that to some people randomly, now they have to solve whatever is given to them or they will be lost forever! Care to join Herod here and see if you can make it out and get back home? For surely Herod doesn't want this happening to him.

Escape From Fantasy Garden is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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