Escape From Fantasy Cottage Game

Escape From Fantasy Cottage

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In the dark recesses of the strange forest, there are old straw cottages there and each time the people visits the place, they don't find anybody living in even one of them but the items inside however have been weirdly moved. It is very peculiar even for a person who just recently moved in the small village nearby, but even still the curiosity George got was more than anybody whom he lives with now. That's why one day he decided to return to the area where the cottages were just to uncover what secrets the place possesses, he might be the key to really uncover the truth about them.

George continues to move further into the place where the cottages were but still he could not find any obvious info about such structures, in his search for the truth however he did realize one thing, and that is he is lost in the place now for the forest where he proceeded was a lot thicker! That caused him to arrive in his dire situation now. Escape players, there is a hint of magic in the place here and George is already sensing it, which means his situation can potentially get pretty worst in this forest. Care to join in the escape and see if you can help George before the sun goes down?

Escape From Fantasy Cottage is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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