Escape From Fantasy City Game

Escape From Fantasy City

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The town which had grew and grew until it was so vast that if it were to have been created in the modern times, it would have become a glorious city, but something strange had happened in the place though and that rendered the entire place abandoned and unlivable at the moment. A major factor of why it was unlivable is that there are animated skeletons roaming around the area and they are immortal! People have tried their best to thwart the skeletons and actually they have very weak defense, but they reassemble and just return back to their full animated state. Nobody knows why this is happening and even a year later, the skeletons just increases in numbers. As a person who had lived in the place before, Greg is ready to find-out what had happened there and as the first of his steps, he'll find clues back in the town where he had lived, but that alone is not going to be easy.

Greg is now seeing the skeletons around the town and it seems that they are clueless, but they have surely invaded the place and that needs to be stopped now. Escape players, Greg must venture around and find some clues that may help so he solve this problem, want to join in the adventure here and see what you can find in the place? Come and try this then and escape from the place safely.

Escape From Fantasy City is a brand new point and click location escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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