Escape From Fantasy Castle Game

Escape From Fantasy Castle

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The fantasy castle is one grand house in the middle of the magical forest and rumor has it that a man way before built that place to house the magical creatures of the area. Now it stands neglected for surely the man who had built it died already, but his legacy which was the house lives on. Gabriel was one of the persons who wanted to check the place out, and after all of the challenges put to him by the forest through methods of letting him see darkness and skeletons of different creatures, he made it to the place.

The fantasy castle wasn't so fantastic at all, nor does it look like a castle too, more of a big house actually. Gabriel must now venture the place for he was already there and his curiosity is escalating. Escape players, this could get dangerous for him but he was already waiting for that danger to come, that's all thanks to the warnings given to him by the book about the place and soon, he will be further tested. Come and join Gabriel on this adventure everyone! See what else you can find in this strange place.

Escape From Fantasy Castle is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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