Escape From Fanciable Place Game

Escape From Fanciable Place

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Escape From Fanciable Place is a brand new point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games for another escape adventure from an ancient place. Enjoy!

There was this huge fort in the outskirts of town and in the center of all that vastness, there is a forbidden place which was once the dwelling place of a revered and holy person according to the folklore of the people there. The place is off-limits to anyone but as for the sake of research, the monks who protects the place allowed Claude who was a historian and researcher to validate the place even further. As Claude enters, he found various artifacts there from different cultures, it was weird for him but he still continued to venture into the place, little did he know that a looming problem is in the corner waiting there for him.

Claude was admiring the art on the walls of the place when he noticed that something moved, he traced his steps and went back to the exit but sadly, it wasn't familiar to him anymore! Claude is seeing that the place here is moving, that's what really got him lost. This must be the reason why the place is forbidden and now Claude is trapped in the situation there, will he still be able to escape and of course safely? Good luck then and have fun here at Escape Fan!

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