Escape From Enchanting Place Game

Escape From Enchanting Place

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Escape From Enchanting Place is a brand new point and click escape game released by Top 10 New Games for more fun escapes in a beautiful ancient place. Have Fun!

Eldon was searching for clues in the desert near Egypt that can point him to the scattered treasures in the place, but instead he found something else in the distance which looked like a fort but when he approached it, it was actually pretty different. Eldon is now in a place which looked like it hadn't been touched by time, for the ancient structure still has its decorations and statues which luster in the sun thanks to the precious metals imbued to it. Eldon was absolutely amazed and also mystified why there was nobody there, well he is soon to find-out though that this precious place is similar to a Venus flytrap.

Eldon wanted to know where he is exactly at but he must check everything outside first to really pinpoint the location, unfortunately though he couldn't for the place is somehow keeping him inside! Goodness this is not good for not only that it's quite hot where he is standing, but when he doesn't find his way out and gets trap until dark then he'll really experience the freezing cold of the desert. Escape players, care to try the ancient place escape adventure here with Eldon and see if you can leave the mysterious place as well as the desert? Good luck then everyone.

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