Escape From Emerald Thanksgiving Forest Game

Escape From Emerald Thanksgiving Forest

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It's thanksgiving again and the land is getting harvested with its turkeys! Well that's far less now than before for people have farms and grocery stores in the present time. As a person who lives near the so called emerald forest however where a ton of wild turkeys are, Marco is off again to find a turkey but he will be doing this quick for not only that the sun is starting to go down, the forest has some pretty strange things happening there and it can get people lost! Well even though Marco was careful enough that he won't be able to get lost in there, still such a problem occurred!

Marco was fortunately able to get one turkey though even if it's a small one, at least there is one, now it's time to go home! But that's if he can solve the problem first and that's he is currently lost in the place. Escape players, for Marco this is a time-crisis for he really doesn't want to be in the wilderness after dark, for you this is going to be a fun adventure through the strange place so, come and check this out then! Play as Marco and be ready for anything there.

Escape From Emerald Thanksgiving Forest is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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