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Escape From Dungeon

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Try the escape adventure here everyone from an ancient place. Escape From Dungeon is a brand new point and click escape game released by Top 10 New Games for another escape adventure. Have Fun!

Donnie was trying to discover something in the ancient underground caverns of Egypt which was supposedly a hidden graveyard for commoners back in the days. Donnie couldn't shake the feeling that there's something hidden there which no researcher had still found yet, he just wouldn't give-up and eventually, there was a sweet fruit of his hard labor.

Donnie was trying to uncover something in a specific area of the dungeon graveyard when suddenly, he found a hidden entrance which led to a beautiful and luxurious tomb! Finally, his hunches were right and the new place was proof enough that there was actually a hidden area here which still has its original treasures and designs. Donnie was absolutely excited of showing this to everyone, but he still has to examine the place first just to see what else is here and that unfortunately proved to be a problem. Donnie was planning to leave the place at the moment so he can finally show his new find, but well he couldn't leave the place however, for the entrance which was the only exit in there was locked! Donnie got pretty concerned here, for he doesn't want to become history just like the place he is in at the moment, will he be able to escape before things gets worst? Escape players, you are very welcome to try the ancient escape adventure with us, use your skills as well as your logic here and good luck!

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