Escape from Dream Downtown Hotel In New York Game

Escape from Dream Downtown Hotel In New York

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You haven't seen nor heard about your brother for 5 years. You only knew he lived in New York. Well at least he lived there last time you talked. Last month your mother passed away, so you decided to look for your brother and visit him. You sent him an email that you were going to go to New York next week. When you arrived, he received you at the airport and drove you to his apartment. Seemingly, he lived in the Dream Downtown Hotel. "He must have a really good job."- you thought. Since you were very tired, you postponed the talking to the next day. When you woke up, he was nowhere to be found. There was only a note on the table: "I lied. I don't live here. I've lost my job last month and couldn't pay my rent so I live at one of my friends. Sorry, I was ashamed and wanted to show you I'm fine, but that's not the case." Well, he could have written where he put the keys, because you can't find them. Good luck!

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