Escape From Doors

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The door is the first thing that you would notice when you enter a house. This is like the people’s first impression of your house. That’s why you want your door to look nice and attractive. In fact, every door in your house has different designs and unique puzzles that you must solve before you can open the door. In this way, the people who will visit your house can have fun and also, this is a great idea for security reasons. However, you have more than 10 doors in your house. In other words, it would be very hard for you to remember how to solve all those puzzles. In this case, you left some clues that can help you to unlock all the doors in your house.

You have to leave the house within an hour so you have to start solving these puzzles right now. There are also items that you must collect and you will need those items to escape. Use your logic and think of a way on how to solve all those puzzles. Play Escape From Doors and enjoy this brand new point and click room escape game from G7 Games. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Doors

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