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Escape From Doll House

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You always wanted a doll when you were younger. However, your parents didn't have enough money to buy you one. That or they just wanted you to focus more on books. So you end up just looking at your friends playing with their dolls. Sometimes they'd let you borrow it. Other times you just had to be contented with your paper ones. But you made a promise to yourself to at least enjoy having dolls around. You didn't necessarily had to own one. Just being in a place where you can find various dolls would be enough. And as if someone was listening to your words, a doll house opened up a few blocks away from your apartment. You couldn't contain your excitement that you immediately called your friend about it. It was a surprise for you to know that she owned the place.

You got a special privilege of exploring the place before the opening the next day. You couldn't help but think about the next day and it almost deprived you of sleep. The sun peeked through your window and you immediately woke up to get ready to head to the shop. It was as you expected it to be. Full of dolls which distracted you from taking note of the exit. Play Escape From Doll House room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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