Escape From Divine Place Game

Escape From Divine Place

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Escape From Divine Place is a daring point and click ancient place escape game developed by Top 10 New Games for more fun escape adventures in a place not for everyone.

The divine place is an underground complex and it's a huge ancient shrine used by some ancient people way before industrialization. Val was one of the first few persons who saw the place after thousands of years of laying silent, and through those times the place had been cordoned so no civilians would enter and cause damage to anything inside. One day, Val was being bothered by his thoughts, for he somehow has an idea that something more is hidden in that place, and he just wants to discover whatever it is.

And so, Val enters the divine complex to see what could be hidden among the walls which is quite bothering him, but as he did however, he got himself in some trouble for he went deeper into the complex which was really not recommended especially that he's alone. Val got lost in the divine place and now, it seems that the tunnels all looked the same! Escape players, Val needs to really escape from the ancient place, but he also still wants to discover more of it though , care to try the escape adventure here and see if you can do both? Good luck on the escape adventure here then from this divine place. Good luck everyone, have fun with us everyday.

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