Escape From Dental Hospital Game

Escape From Dental Hospital

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Hospitals were one of the places you avoid at all cost. Dental hospitals were more bearable but you still weren't fully comfortable there either. However, you couldn't avoid this appointment. Your teeth weren't in their best condition and you needed some serious treatment. The doctor kept on talking to you to keep your mind off of your fear. But every time he walked away from you, your mind immediately went back to your fears. The doctor returned with his team and an anesthesia was in his hand. You asked him about the duration of the drug. He said it wouldn't really last that long. You knew there was no other way but just to trust him. You slowly closed your eyes as you drift away from consciousness. It must had been a long time since you passed out. But you felt the process was already done.

You waited for the doctor to check back on you. However, you had been waiting for half an hour already with no one coming for you. So you stood up and looked around the hospital. You were hoping to bump into somebody. But no one greeted you. It seemed you were alone. Play Escape From Dental Hospital room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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