Escape From Dark Fort Game

Escape From Dark Fort

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Check this escape adventure here from a scary and dark place. Escape From Dark Fort is the newest point and click spooky escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

Inside the protected fort where everyone is not allowed to enter, there was this mansions inside it and from the stories way back when a person first entered the place and escaped to live and tell the tale, he saw that the houses were filled with scary stuff and even though he was seeing the place from a distance right before he was ready to leave, he saw ghosts and other dark things started to go on his direction! That was the last thing he saw there before he eventually escaped,

Zack was curious if those stories were really true or not, that's why he decided to really confirm it by entering the fort secretly alone and armed with a recording device to record his adventures. Well escape players, little did he know that he'll get in-trouble there and it's serious enough to make to make him scramble for his life. There is a reason why the place is off-limits and Zack had totally disobeyed that, care to join Zack here still and see if you can solve this while in a place not for everyone? Good luck!


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