Escape From Closed White House Game

Escape From Closed White House

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The white house here almost lacks in color except white and that applies to the furniture and items there as well! It is vital for it though, for it is not just any normal house, it is actually an escape house! Everyone is welcome to try the white house here and only by the use of his or her skills and logic will the challenger here be able to escape for when he or she does, clues can easily be found for the locked door and hidden things can be spotted. Madison thought she can take the challenge on, and she'll be able to as long as she doesn't gets pressured there when the challenges gets tougher and the time runs out.

Madison is now inside the house and it is indeed what everyone describes it was, all in white and clues to escape are hard to find. Escape players, will your skills and logic be ready for this escape adventure from a house built just for that? If so then join Madison here everyone, keep your mind open if you want to escape quickly.

Come and test yourself on the challenges here everyone. Escape From Closed White House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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