Escape From Christmas Tree Forest Game

Escape From Christmas Tree Forest

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Winter have already fallen in the country and just like every year, it covers the path going around the forest and whatever the people does just to keep the path clear, they can't solve such a problem for the snow constantly falls during the time. That's why the new town's chief proclaimed a new solution which must be implemented when the snow falls heavily, and that is to set lit Christmas trees along strategic points on the path so that travelers especially at night will see those from a distance. It worked, for there are now less people getting lost, but there are still some who does for the cases are only lessen but of course with significance.

One of those people who got lost is Jeremy and he was heading to the town to visit his family there, but because of the Christmas preparations he had to do back in his home, he went late and was met then with darkness while traveling there. Jeremy relied heavily on the Christmas trees around the paths, but there was this one which was not lit and it was enough to get him lost! Jeremy doesn't know anymore if he is going on the right direction and because he still has a long way to go, this won't be solved quickly until he gets help. Escape players, the only help he'll get though was from you so will you be able to give him a hand before this problem becomes even worst?

Escape From Christmas Tree Forest is the newest point and click snowy wilderness escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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