Escape From Car Parking Game

Escape From Car Parking

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Escape players, will you have the skills and logic to escape from the room here in the car park? Escape From Car Parking is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun!

Gerald is pretty lucky that he has a mini room here in the car-park, that's because he owns the entire area and let's everyone in the next building over to park, well the company has to pay rent of course. Gerald had no problem in the place ever since, he even sidelines as a worker there for in the weekends, he had nothing to do so he just takes-care of the people's cars there. But one day however, something happened finally he thought at last, something new, but well it ain't good though.

Gerald was already ready to work in the car-park again for the day, but when he tried his door however, he realized he cannot open the thing and it's weird for he doesn't have any idea what could triggered this! Gerald likes this new thing happening, but it's still a problem and must be solved soon. Come and try this indoor escape game here with Gerald everyone, use the best of your skills and logic for more fun escapes with us everyday!

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