Escape From Blue Desert Game

Escape From Blue Desert

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The blue desert as it is called is not really blue during the day, but during dusk and dawn however, the beauty hence it's name really shows and it becomes literal! It is mysterious for people from days before why this was so, but not anymore now that a lot of people can explain the phenomena. In the heart of that desert however, there is a small once functional town, it had establishments and even a graveyard! The place is really quite a small civilization, it had stood long enough against the heat of the sun for generations. But the place just got abandoned and that is still a mystery why though, that's the reason why historians go there to see what really happened to the place, one of them was Roman and that week he came alone.

The journey wasn't easy, but as he reached the place, he began to do some research and observations, nothing particular at the moment, except the eerie vibes of the place. Roman continued to prepare his gear but somehow as he does so, he can't shake the feeling that the eerie vibes is escalating! After a while he drew the last straw, he needs to leave for he can't take it anymore, maybe he'll come back sometime and next time with company. Escape players, Roman needs to escape from the abandoned settlement there in the blue desert, there is still light so there is still a chance to get home before the terrain gets dark. Play as Roman here now and make haste on the escape.

Escape From Blue Desert is the newest point and click dry wilderness escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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