Escape From Blacksmith Shop Game

Escape From Blacksmith Shop

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Try this escape adventure here escape players, Escape From Blacksmith Shop is a new point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy with us everyday.

Roe just got invited as a guest at the blacksmith shop which stands near a remote area, that is so that the people won't be bothered by smoke and fumes inhalation in the town. Roe wanted to learn how stuff works in metallurgy and he's kind of like an apprentice for a day, so he got cooking. The blacksmiths in the shop helped him of course at first, but close to the end of the day however, he was on his own to work. Roe actually finished a few things and as he thought of it, his work was near good but well, it wasn't close to perfect. And so, he looked for the guys around the shop through a lot of medieval-looking tools to show his work but sadly, there seems to be a problem.

Roe could not find any of the guys and as he continues to look for them in the shop, there seems to be no sign of them and he couldn't get himself out of the place either! This could be some sort of initiation or something, but well what if it isn't? Roe must find his way out of the shop here and carefully, for there are a lot of dangerous objects here which can absolutely hurt someone. Escape players, place yourself on Roe, find your way out of the blacksmith shop and good luck on the escape. Have fun!


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