Escape From Black Forest Game

Escape From Black Forest

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The black forest is said to be a fantastic place especially at night, others say they were just fed with wrong information and the place is terrifying at night. Mitchel decided to find-out for himself how the place is for he thought maybe it's good. So even though he has fears in doing so, he was curious and he wants to really fill it. So he prepared himself and entered the forest with all his gear in the early evening. After a few minutes, the colors started appearing! The vegetation are glowing and are all changing in color! What an amazing sight it was even though it's strange and Mitchel was definitely in bliss. But after a while however, he realized that the place was actually both what the people said, for he is now lost and he can't find his way back!

Mitchel wanted to leave for he wants to share what he had experience and really he doesn't have the gear to stay long in the place, but he can't find the right path back now so he deemed that the place actually has a darker side. Escape players, will you help Mitchel here escape before the forest shifts from a bad situation to worst?

Escape From Black Forest is a brand new point and click dark wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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