Escape From Bizarre Forest Game

Escape From Bizarre Forest

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The bizarre forest is not bizarre because it is a good, but it is actually a dark forest and that's not all, horrors are residing in there and nobody would believe what people see there if they are able to escape. At the moment, Bert is in that wilderness for he is in the process of curing his skepticism for people are trying not to talk to him for he always contradicts. The journey is just a small part of his process and hopefully it will be enough to turn him around a bit, but little did he know there is going to be more there than he expects and it could potentially make him turn around completely or, it could cost him his life!

Bert had experienced the full dose of the horrors of the place and he doesn't know what to do at first, he never really thought this would be much worst than he had expected, he thought he should really let go at least half of his skepticism now for this is a big lesson. Bert needs to escape from the forest here even though the place doesn't seem to let him go, want to join Bert here escape players and see if you can escape from the darkness of the forest?

Escape From Bizarre Forest is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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