Escape From Bachelor House Game

Escape From Bachelor House

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TJ has this last week in his luxurious home as a bachelor, he needs to fix things up for his new family but before all of that, he needs to fix a recurring problem and that day it only got worst. The problem with his house is that it tends to lock anyone inside for the doors would just shut and it takes a whole-lot of brute force for them to open, but that day however was worst for no matter how he tried by using conventional methods which he does to get it to open, TJ's efforts would not work anymore.

Tj was thinking about calling for a rescue from his friends, but that might take longer for his location was far from them. He needs to solve this first on his own now and of course in a non-destructive way, for he hadn't have enough time to install a new door for the rest of the house. The occurrence is simply weird and by this he'll really figure-out what's going-on and fix this problem then altogether. Escape players, come and join TJ here as he escapes from his own house first by solving the puzzles of his mysterious doors.

Escape From Bachelor House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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