Escape From Astonishing Place Game

Escape From Astonishing Place

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Escape From Astonishing Place is another new point and click escape game made by Top 10 New Games for another escape adventure from an ancient place. Good luck everyone!

Jay was once again in the search for ancient treasures and he is probably not going to stop until he uncovers the entirety of Egypt's secrets here. In his tough studying just to find clues and absolutely anything that can point him to a new destination, he did found and before he even knew it, he went scrambling for that clue until he found that hidden cavern which made way to an underground ancient structure.

As Jay enters the place, he felt an eerie vibe but still even though he was scared, he continued to enter and there he found ancient artifacts as well as some other stuff there and it were all beautiful! It was the grandest find Jay had ever come across, but well nothing is ever for free however, for he just got himself in some trouble there and the end result, he could not get out of the place! Jay might have tripped an ancient trap or something and caused the place to shift. This is not good but Jay here is not going to go down without a fight. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here with Jay from a seemingly dark ancient place? Enjoy with us then daily.

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