Escape From Ancient Tomb Game

Escape From Ancient Tomb

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Escape From Ancient Tomb is the newest point and click ancient escape game created by Top 10 New Games for another escape experience with us. Best of luck!

As an archeologist, finding something quite different, unique, and valuable anywhere in the world is a very successful day indeed for that certain somewhere who is in the profession. Ruby was one of them and in her study in Egypt near the vast desert that day, she really found something which hadn't been opened yet to the public for millenniums!

Ruby was only checking some clues when she found a small rocky mound and there was a hidden entrance in it, at first she was definitely hesitant to enter, but because she was quite adventurous, she still did and there, she found that certain something which made her day. She found herself inside an ancient tomb and within it are not only mummified remains, there were also hieroglyphics and ancient treasures all around the stone rooms too! Ruby was astonished as to what she had found, but together with that, something happened which turned her emotions a little-bit on the scary side. Ruby was only roaming around the ancient halls to discover more stuff, but as she did a stone door suddenly closed and now, she is trapped in the place alone with no help from anyone. Escape players, want to try the escape adventure here with Ruby and see if you can find a way out of the ancient tomb? Have fun with us daily then.

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